Residential Patrol Services




Patrol Units

Working with residential community owners and managers and homeowners associations, D.T.R.S. implements comprehensive security solutions that include:

  • Patrol vehicles equipped with AED (automatic external defibrillators) units.
  • GPS tracking with real-time incident reporting.
  • Bike, golf cart, and scooter.
  • Town Hall meetings and community crime watch programs.
  • State-of-the-art Visitor Monitoring Systems(VMS) with driver’s license information scanning in all patrol units, backed up with digital photo capture, dash video and audio of the vehicle occupants and vehicle tag.

By maintaining a highly visible and interactive presence within the community with our unique services including community meetings and specialized speed enforcement, D.T.R.S.s’ residential security services programs address the most common resident concerns like crime prevention, community and personal safety.


  • Local Corporate Office Coverage
  • Termination of Hostel Employees, etc.
  • Divisional patrol vehicles, 1 supervisor unit, and 1 patrolĀ unit for every 7 locations.
  • Curfew enforcement
  • Domestic Violence Response
  • Noise Complaint Response
  • Lease Violation Response
  • Basic to Advanced on Property Traffic Stops. i.e.. Suspicious vehicle report, speeding, distribution of illegal or unauthorized goods and or services.
  • Issuance of Lease violation Citations.
  • Fire Watch
  • Unauthorized Vehicle Parking
  • Serving Basic Notices To Tenants, NO LEGAL DOCUMENTS
  • Resident Call Tracking
  • Electronic Data Report Processing
  • Limited Roadside Protection( Coming Soon)