Commercial Onsite Services


Commercial Officer Programs

Excellence in recruiting, screening and training ensure that our officers project the right image for your company. Whether your location involves extensive customer interaction or significant security challenges, we have the right personnel for the job. All D.T.R.S. officers are carefully screened according to talents, qualifications, experience, and overall disposition for the job they would be performing. For example, officers deployed at reception areas will have the desirable traits for being the first point of contact for visitors to your facility. On the other hand, officers that are to be deployed in high-risk, consequence environments will be selected from a different pool of applicants that possess military of law enforcement experiences.

Understanding that the success of any security program is founded in the quality and performance of the assigned personnel, D.T.R.S. is one of few agencies to introduce the concept of experience-based officer programs to meet the changing needs of the security industry. With these officer programs, clients have the flexibility to select from the right officer program to meet their individual security and customer-service requirements with the highest quality, cost-effective solution.

Custom Programs that are available

  • Customizable Protection Officer Program (CPOP)
  • Upscale Officer Program (UOP)
  • Property Resource Officer Program (PROP)
  • Officer Division with experience in the following sectors: Commercial Real Estate, Private Corporate SWAT Team Response (PCSTR), Tactical Special Events Team (TSET), and more


Commercial Construction Programs

  •  For commercial clients we offer flashing light post the are place around the site in conspicuous locations so as to enforce officer presence on the site.
  • Onsite motion activated cameras that snaps frames when ever motion is detected.
  • Continues on vehicle light display throughout the entire shift which enforces the presence of our officer on location.
  • real-time video and audio recording during the entire shift the officer is on site.
  • Real-time Digital Report Processing (RTDRP). Clients are provided site access to login to our website to check reports and dash-cam video footage of any shift on any day.
  • beacon post (flashing light post), colors include: Green, Blue, White, Red, and Amber.


We are continuing to add to our many innovative tools that we use to provide the absolute service package to our clients.